Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flowers Pushing Through the Cracks

Photo used by permission from Ann VosKamp

My friend  and sister-in- Christ's son is dying.  Of course, we all are.  But his is so young.  So painful   So turbulent. And yet there are mercies.  There are cuddles and laughter. There tears of joy, and unbelievable pain.  There are dark nights of "routine"medical care that scare experienced nurses.  There are nights of questioning and doubt.  There are nights covered in blankets of comfort.    There are brothers, sisters, mom, dad, cyber-communities and the local church yearning for.......what?  His grace and mercy to abound.  For the halls of heaven to resound now and through eternity with praises for His glorious grace evidenced in the lives of the Estes. For the suffering to become vague memory in light of true wholeness.   A mystery that angels long to look into.  A founded- trust through misery, uncertainty, and heart-rending paths. 

 But we must believe, we do believe, that this light an momentary affliction....hey, wait a minute...this isn't light or momentary......but then Paul's afflictions weren't either.  There was rejection.  stoning, shipwreck. beatings.  hunger. threats. prison.  ....ok, maybe Paul has the right to speak here after all.....that these light and momentary afflictions will be nothing compared to the glories that will follow.  If the glories that will follow make all that Paul suffered seem "light and momentary" in comparison, how truly gloriously incomprehensible must they be!

Can you see the grace and mercy today?  If not.  Look into His face.