Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Over a year ago, it was a road I was sure I could not walk. There had been many trails, valleys and steep hills I had journeyed upon, but this was one I was reasonably, gratefully, sure I would not have to walk.

About six weeks we began a journey on that dreaded road.

Now, I'm amazed by the grace...the grace that did not let me become a blubbering, useless burden. Even more incomprehensibly, to experience less stress and more joy than when we entered this road. My Father has done in me what I would have never imagined--and it was truly none of my own doing.

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  1. God's grace often leaves me amazed as well. Shouldn't, but it does.
    Came from CPA, thanks for sharing about your daughter's prayer need. We are missionaries in Ukraine. Was wondering what country she is in. We have such circumstances here too.
    Following you here Monique. Come visit my blog and you might want to follow there too.