Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not exactly my way

When we know our Father is in charge, that the maker of the universe knows, cares and has a plan bigger and higher than ours......

This week I face a dream come true.  The details have not worked out the way I had dreamed for a decade.  Yet, I anticipate that that was of the Father's hand to answer another heart-cry.  Then illness threatened the whole thing for us.  Enemy attack or part of His plan?  Either way, my trust is in Him.

  What does the Father have in mind for this?  I do not know...yet.  Truth be told, I may not understand "why".  I do know that the God of the universe has given me a heart's desire, that I do not deserve, cannot earn, and cannot make happen myself.  So while it is dressed in clothes other than my choosing, I will be thankful, and by His grace, choose to believe it is His will, His best.

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