Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Learning...a little

The goal of blogging twice a week was waylaid by my health.  But it's good to be back.
In pondering a post for today, I thought of how one needs to apply what is learned.  
One aspect that I am learning is resting in the Lord.
During these times when the Lyme disease disables me, there has been a strange peace.  At first, I thought it was solely because I really couldn't do anything about it.   I began to see mercies- knowing that I can't do much, has kept me from things that would distract me from my purpose.  There is no sense of "ought" because it is simply out of the question.   
Entrusting people and situations to the Lord has become more of a reality as I realize-even more- that there are things I cannot do.  Ok, those who know me personally now have tears running down their faces from laughter.  Really, finally, I'm coming to understand.  Not only in a head way, but a real was...not just gnosis, but epignosis. Joy proceeds out of knowing He is kind, He is king.
So, what about joy have you been learning these days?

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