Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rejoicing, Relationships and Trust

Philipians 4:4-7
Be glad, be delighted in the Lord, I repeat be glad and delighted!
Let your moderation, gentleness be known by everyone around.
Your master is near by.
Do not be concerned about things, but contrariwise in every situation, through public and private petitioning of God, with thankfulness and gratitude. make your requests to God.
And the superior tranquility from God that is above understanding will protect your heart and mind (intellect, purpose, passions, desires, appetites, affections, purposes, endeavors ) because of the anointed Messiah, Jesus.
( taken from greek definitons as found on

Before the command, yes -note that command- to rejoice, Paul urges for peace between two particular believers.
Discord between believers -within the same home or in the local body- disrupts our desire and ability to delight in the Lord.

Psalm 24:3-4

24:3 Who is allowed to ascend 4  the mountain of the Lord? 5 
Who may go up to his holy dwelling place?
24:4 The one whose deeds are blameless
and whose motives are pure, 6 
who does not lie, 7 
or make promises with no intention of keeping them. 8 

Self-seeking, pride and fear cause trouble in our relationships (James 4:1-3).  In contrast, the gentleness we are to display means essentially to be unruffled.  How can we be unruffled when there are schedules to keep, money problems, world terrors?  

The answer is in the next verses of Philippians:

4:8 Finallybrothers and sisters, 6  whatever is truewhatever is worthyof respect, whatever is justwhatever is purewhatever is lovely,whatever is commendableif something is excellent or praiseworthy,think about these things. 4:9 And what you learned and received andheard and saw in medo these thingsAnd the God of peace will be withyou.

More thoughts on that next time!

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