Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It doesn't always look like we expect

I was nearly half way through the blessing before I realized it was an answer to prayer.  Finances are making everyday life challenging, but both my husband and I had a desire to have a little vacation with our children.  It'd been a few years, and we yearned for some time to spend together and break from the stresses a bit.

We didnt' see it coming.  It wasn't our plan.  And we didn't have the stresses of planning it!

We were presented with an opporutnity to spend some time with a couple dear to us.  They only had time on Saturday and Sunday and then they would be gone for an unkown amount of time.  So we packed up the boys and took them to our favorite trail and then a cook-out in the woods, complete with smores and singing around the campfire.

Then we slept in our own beds

And after church meeting, we were off again.  We went to a state park, picking up "cheap pizza" and going prepared for supper.  We ate lunch and fed pizza crusts to the ducks.  A game of ultimate frisbee ensued.  And there was playing in the creek.

Time of refreshing, fun, together.

And a prayer answered while we were just intending to extend kindness to some friends.

Don't miss the answer to your prayer just because it doesn't look like you planned.

And  humbly, thankfully, accept the gift given.

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