Friday, December 12, 2014

On Their Way

"" Joys are always on their way to us.  They are always traveling to us through the darkness of the night.  There is never a night when they are not coming"", says Amy Carmichael in Edges of His Ways.  This is no ivory tower gal penning dreamy thoughts.  Amy  experienced disappointments, pain, loneliness, confusion and physical suffering.

Ann Voskamp shares this quote in her advent devotional, The Greatest Gift., where she offers the thought that sometimes miracles do not appear  miraculous.

"God comes through mangers. The mundane holds miracles", Ann tell us as she points out to us that "there are no brazen miracles to be seen in the entire book of Ruth.", an Old-Testament redemption story.

"Brilliant people don't deny the dark; they are the ones who never stop looking for His light in everything.....pointing to the dawn of the New Kingdom coming, pointing to the light that breaks through all things broken."

Can you see it?

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