Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Of course, a post about joy should be posted on Valentine's Day, right?  I believe this is the 28th V-Day my husband  and I have celebrated together...some joyous, some not so much.

This morning the children and I watched a song from one of my favorite children's dvd's ...Steve Green's Hide 'Em in Your Heart.


We discussed what love is...and what it isn't.  Love is a commitment to seek the other person's good, no matter what the cost.  That does NOT mean you should never have feeling for the person you are marrying.  But it's not about how they make your feel or what you do for them.  This we knew before we married.

But there is more that I needed to learn.

First, I needed to learn not to let my husband's eyes be my  idol.  Joy did not come from searching out my husband's eyes to see if he was proud of what I had said, done or accomplished. It was not trying to make his eyes twinkle in pleasure.   In fact, it devastated me, because I was looking in the wrong place.  I doubt I will ever forget the unbelievable conviction when my jealous God confronted me with the fact that I'd made my husband's eyes my idol.  Finally, I understood Isaiah when he cried " I am undone!".  While it was good to try to please my husband, it was not good to make my value or my joy dependent on it.

Secondly, I needed to learn not to measure my obedience to the Lord by my dear husband (or anyone Else's) response.  They may be having a  bad day.  They may be selfish  at the moment.  They may simply not notice-or care!  Our service is to be done as unto the Lord.

This is about my journey into joy.  I'm hoping it helps you with yours.  I'm hoping we can spur each other on and encourage one another along the Way.

 It is as vital to realize the counterfeit offers as well as know the true gem.  Your counterfeits may be different.  Is there something that you simply can't live without?  Something that you think you just can't function unless it's in place.  If it's anything but your Creator and Redeemer, it's an idol.  And our of pure love for you, He will let every one of those fail you til you are resting only in Him.  He is the One who loves completely, unfaltering, unending.  It is only when we live in His love that we will be in joy!

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