Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The gauntlet  has been laid once again.  Not just a thousand gifts, but 3 a day for the year.  One thousand in the year.


My sidebar includes my limping list.  It's public.  The reasons the blog was begun is that my tendency is to run like a scared deer away from the topic of joy.  But I did not want to shy away from the lessons the Father had been bringing my way.  This is a place for me to synthesize what I have been learning.  To put it down, think it out, assimilate it.  But now the challenge has been given -not to shyly offer my acknowledgments of His grace given in the daily, but to pick up the pace and run the race with  others.

And I shudder.  Commitments before God are not things to be taken lightly.  And to do something that may, in fact, lead to joy that ardently makes me hold my breath.

As strange as it sounds, I need to trust God in the joy.  I need to trust God that if there is a corresponding low to even the quiet joy, He will be there and care for me there as well.  Allowing joy is free falling into His hands.

from www.aholyexpience.com

"Maybe a life needs change over and over again — that constant turning to God? Not so much resolutions but revolutions."  Ann Vos Kamp
for more on the challenge, go to the 1/5/12 post on


  1. Joy, such a topic. Good for you. My heart warms with the thought of joy as only He can bring. His subtle touch through something we see or hear...through music or the site of a flower, or a child. Your challenge right now is a challenge to draw closer to him. Your joy shall grow.
    Praying for you blessings abundant,
    Coleen in Ukraine

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