Sunday, January 8, 2012

The joy stealer...he even craves the newborn seed.

I should have anticipated that this journey into joy would alter the tactics of the enemy.  Since blogging a couple of days ago, I have found myself smiling.  At peace.  Not troubled or worriedBut harried at times by the enemy.

I nearly giggle as I pass by the provision of food that the Father has placed in our hands of things we could not afford when our financial situation was better!  And the timing has been great..for 3 weeks my health would not have allowed me to process it.  Amazing. 
Then the enemy says "yes, but how will you feel when His provision isn't as obvious or you can't see what is coming next?"

Experiencing the joy of redemption has begun to ebb inAnd the enemy tells me how immature I am to feel this now, when some things have begun to change, but what will happen when.....

Father, only You can make us fertile ground that bears good fruit.

And I'm sure that this is why He tells us not to worry about tomorrow.  Worry about tomorrow steals the joy of today.

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