Saturday, January 21, 2012

Noah is a 5 year old boy,  in the last stages of mito.  His mom, Kate Estes wrote on Facebook about the painful but necessary process of changing his suprapubic catheter:

"Whew. Tube change done, Noah sleeping.

It was really hard, mostly because Noah completely panicked once he knew what we were

doing. It took three of us to hold him down and everyone in the room was near tears

before it was done.
Maybe the most heart-rending part is just how incredibly sweet this boy of mine is.

Once everything was all finished, and while he was still doing those little "I've been crying

hard" breaths, he grabbed Dr. B's hand and told him, "You're the best of my heart and I

love  you more than the moon." He also gave me a big hug and a kiss on the nose. We

were so sad  for HIM and he was trying to comfort US.
They do not come any sweeter than this."

Remember my last post?

 This is the living example. 

Noah has been through more in his 5 years than most of us will ever have to endure in a long life. 

His parents have chosen to see God's hand.  I'm sure they led the way.  They have introduced little Noah to Jesus and lived it.  Now Noah is leading, being the example, loving.

Kate also freely friends folks on facebook that want to keep up with Noah and pray for his family.

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